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Introducing a game-changing compliance software that identifies corruption, bribery and other possible compliance breaches through real-time transaction analysis.


IntegraAnalytics® brings all your enterprise databases and compliance-market intelligence together in one platform to detect non-compliance in your company before it happens. IntegraAnalytics® monitors your business’s transactions to detect any suspicious activity as it occurs so you can take action faster and make better-informed decisions.


  • corruption and bribery through
    channel and direct sales
  • suspicious gifts and benefits
  • illegal payments to sanctioned entities
  • grey markets in the supply chain
  • non-compliant sales deals to offshore
    restricted parties.

Identify your compliance risks in real time

Today’s fraud detection and investigations are meant to react to the case after non-compliant transactions happen. IntegraAnalytics® is the first solution designed to predict and identify before non-compliant deals are made – before illegal travel expenses are reimbursed, and before payments are made to unauthorised entities. With IntegraAnalytics®, you are informed of all suspicious transactions in real time so you can prevent corruption before it jeopardises your business. 


IntegraAnalytics - Bring multiple datasets together

Bring multiple datasets together

Leverage big data to incorporate information from multiple data sources providing compliance with a complete view of any transaction regardless of complexity, in real time.

Take a moment to think about the corruption cases you have to identify. Now think about which information and data sources you will need to review manually to detect one corruption case. What if all the data and compliance market intelligence was pulled into one place that automatically identifies the possible compliance breaches you need to look into? IntegraAnalytics® makes that a reality. With IntegraAnalytics® you can view a complete picture of a transaction – no matter how complex – and what the relevant risks are.


Interactive visual tools

IntegraAnalytics® makes it easy to see all the information you care about, how important the risks are, and what impacts a transaction would have on your business. With its interactive visual interfaces you can easily identify all the possible non-compliant transactions you are concerned about – no matter when a deal was made or what size it is. The powerful visual tool also allows you to filter by people, size of deal and country and city, and prioritise risks and perform further follow-up actions.

The Dashboards can be easily shared between teams allowing data to be accessed across the enterprise when needed.  

See how IntegraAnalytics® works more proactively than responsive investigations, more effectively than other compliance monitoring, and far beyond simple due diligence checks.


Scenario 1: Detect non-compliant sales deals through real-time transaction analysis